Issue ID artf206: Unable set flex field values to "None"

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artf206 Issue 2010-07-02 02:35:51 PDT 2010-05-07 12:29:40 PDT Baybora Aksoy (baybora)

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Summary Unable set flex field values to "None"
Description I just noticed that it is not possible (anymore) to set artifact flex field values to “None”.
The reason:
Desktops are implemented with this assumption:
Flex field absence in ArtifactSoapDO.flexfields = “None”.

So, when a flex field is set to “none” in desktops, it is removed from the ArtifactSoapDO’s flexfield list.
Obviously, this assumption is not true anymore (as of Soap API 5.3). Server does not update the field value, if it does not exist in ArtifactSoapDO.flexfields list.
Issue type Defect
Component TeamForge
Priority P1
Version 2.0.0

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Status Completed
Target milestone 2.2.0

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ARTF206.JPG able to set none to flex fields image/jpeg Prabhu Gandhiraman Sarathy 2010-07-02 02:35:51 PDT

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2010-07-02 02:35:51 PDT | Added by: Prabhu Gandhiraman Sarathy

Collabnet Eclipse Desktop Version: 2.1.1
Eclipse version: 3.4.2

I have verified this issue.
Able to set NONE to flex fields.

2010-05-07 12:39:04 PDT | Added by: Baybora Aksoy

fix is imlemented to set flex field value to "", when "None" is selected for all servers. Tested on TF 4.4, 5.2, 5.4.

2010-05-07 12:37:05 PDT | Added by: Baybora Aksoy

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Revision: 1353

artf206 - include flex fields on artifact submit even if they are set to be "None".

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