Getting started

Using CollabNet Desktop - Eclipse Edition

For help on using CollabNet Desktop - Eclipse Edition visit the CollabNet User Information Center.

CollabNet Merge Client

Overview of CollabNet Merge Client

This document provides an overview of the features of the CollabNet Merge Client and provides lots of screenshots of the tool in action.

Change Set Extension to Merge Client

An overview of the change set based merge option within the CollabNet Merge client.

Additional Features of the CollabNet Merge Client

Additional features of the CollabNet Merge client that are noteworthy and worth pointing out.


Web-based Training

Below are a set of web-based training modules on the installation, setup and use of the CollabNet Desktop - Eclipse Edition. We are offering these web-based training modules free to OCN members (registration required). We hope you enjoy them!

Like what you see here? Take a look at our training offerings on the CollabNet TeamForge training page.