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CollabNet Desktop Eclipse Edition is freely available under the terms of the Eclipse Public License.  It is ready for you to start using it today.  The primary motivation in making this an open source project is to encourage the growth of a community around the product as well as to serve as a real world demonstration of what you can build on our platform using the CollabNet Integration Framework.  This project uses all of the API's available in the CollabNet Integration Framework.  So no matter which of the CollabNet products you want to integrate with, you should be able to find real world code that extends those products right here in this project.

We encourage you to get involved in this project.  Look at the code, report a bug, or help us add new features and define the roadmap .

Get access to the code and issue tracker

To get access to the source code and the ability to enter and edit issues in our issue tracker, you need to request the "Participant" role in our project. To request the Participant role, you need to be an openCollabNet member and be logged in. We'll send you a confirmation email (usually within one working day).

Development tools

Check-out or browse the code, view and edit current issues.

Project Tracker Enter, query, view, and generate reports on the defects and development tasks
Subversion repository Subversion repository

Development Forums / Mailing Lists

Stay up to date with what is happening in the CollabNet Desktop - Eclipse Edition project: Join our mailing lists.

User discussions Ask your technical questions in this discussion forum / mailing list
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A mailing list for changes in our issue tracker
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Developer discussion forum / email list
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